Fuel the Fire

Strike the match, already.

FIRE Gaming is a virtual sanctuary for the Christian and the family-friendly individual who just doesn’t want their listening holes blasted with profanities. After reading the details of our community and understanding the foundation on which we are built, we welcome everyone who is interested in joining to submit an application. Every application is handled with discretion, respect, and given grace as we understand that some of the questions can lead to passionate responses.

Application Start

Faith & Testimony


We will communicate with you via e-mail if Discord won't connect.


How long until I hear about my Application?

The turnaround for an application is typically 72 hours.

I'm applying with a friend, what should we expect?

We believe that those who apply together should stay together and as such, we will wait for each application to be submitted before we move on with the review process. So if you apply today and in four days your friends apply, it will be up to 72 hours after your last friend’s application is received that you’ll hear the results. Further, if one application within the group is denied then all applications will be denied.

Am I required to play all the games listed?

No. As long as you're actively participating in the community, that is all we require of you.

I'm not a Christian, can I still apply?

You sure can! We welcome family-friendly focused folks into the community, just be mindful that not everyone who applies will be granted entry.

I don't have Discord. Is it a requirement?

It is a requirement. Communication is key to being an active member of a community and all our communication is on Discord.

My application was denied. Why?

An application may be denied for various reasons. The most common may be due to lack of information provided in the application. If you don’t answer questions to an extent that allows our officers to form a conclusive understanding of your goals, then your application will be denied. Another reason may be that your goals, play style, or temperament will not mix well with the rest of the FIRE community. This isn’t a bad reflection on you or on FIRE, it simply means that your level of enjoyment would be stunted with us where it could flourish with another community.