FIRE Starters


Welcome to FIRE Starters, a central hub for all the creative content authored by our community members. Here you will find Christ-centered blogs, streams, videos, and podcasts created by none other than our talented FIRE members of whom we are very proud. 

FIRE believes that there is a strong need for Christian content creators and we encourage all of our members to pursue the calling to be a contributor if they’re being so led.

If you are a member of FIRE or an ally of the community who is interested in posting your content to this page, please contact the Media and Social Officer.


Penguin Gaming Network

PGN is a network of young streamers that all attend the same youth ministry hosted by our very own HaydenAero.

These wonderful streamers are family-friendly, Christian entertainers who are appropriate for all age groups. Join their adventures through Minecraft, Runescape, SmashBros, and more.

Be sure to subscribe and show them support on their Twitch channel!

Azurene the Chicken Queen

Azurene is a gentle soul with an immense love for all her fellow FIRE members—and her love language happens to be the language of trolls. Watch as she dunks all in her path beneath the waves of her special brand of love.

Azurene has a sporadic streaming schedule of various games due to her leading a rich life in the real realm. If you show her enough love, maybe she’ll stream her sweet lightsaber-slinging skills.


Pages of Light

Pages of Light is a YouTube channel dedicated to reviewing and analyzing content from a Christian worldview. They review fiction novels and comic books primarily but have aspirations to venture into other genres in the near future!

You can read more on their site here.

Pod Casters

Warrior Within Podcast

“We are a Bible-based Christian podcast for biological men who need to know that it is okay to be masculine while having compassion as we lead our home, work, and community. Each one of us has a Warrior, a lion, in us that has been stunted by the culture as being violent and abusive. They expect us to be gentle without any masculine tendencies. Our hope is to open the eyes of men that God has an expectation for us, a duty, to be men of God. We are to be fierce as a Lion and to be gentle as a Lamb. Jesus was both, and He gave us a great example in His life and ministry before the cross.”

The Culture Warriors

“A Conservative podcast under the direction of Christian values. It is geared towards making other conservatives with like-minded principles to know how we are to be Christians in today’s cultural world. We will be speaking on politics, Christian Worldview, and Cultural reality.”